Time for a new era
of composites

Our vision

The Infinite use of composite materials

Transforming end of life fiber reinforced plastics into sustainable premium products through rigorous technology and product development. Starting from the application and deriving circular economies step by step.

Our product

The Infinici Nonwoven

The Infinici Nonwoven is the first product that consists of 100% recycled glass fibers made for premium applications with high-end finish. It is designed for RTM processes and significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of your applications.

Made from 100% recycled
glass fiber

Designed for RTM processed
premium applications

The development

The Infinici Legacy

Long Term Orientation
Following our roadmap towards infinite use of composite materials

First Product Launch
2023 – Introduction of the Infinici Nonwoven made from 100% recycled glass fiber

Closing Partnerships
2022 – Closing initial partnerships for first use case

Starting Business
2021 – Foundation of Infinici AG